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Part 2 of the Criss Cross Europe tour cancelled!

Unfortunately we have to announce that the second leg of the 2021 tour will be cancelled. Due to corona, the circumstances were never ideal, but we are still extremely proud that we could organise a great residency and concerts in Estonia, Luxemburg and the Netherlands in October.

Since then, the situation has changed. We’re dealing with a raging pandemic and because this is a truly international project, there are different measures for each participating country, some with a serious impact for touring musicians. Combined with the extremely high infections rates and all the extra complications for our musicians, we decided that is was no longer an option to go ahead.

We will, however, see whether moving the concerts to a later date might be an option. We will keep you updated.

Many, many thanks to all the musicians for their creative energy and great collaborative spirit: Chris Guilfoyle | Nabou Claerhout | Aleksander Paal | Michel Meis | Jim Black | Sanne Rambags | David Bowden!

And also the partners that contributed: Improvised Music Company |  Muziekcentrum De Bijloke Gent | JazzLab | Eesti Jazzliit | Jazzkaar | Kumu | Ampa | Paradox Tilburg | TivoliVredenburg | LantarenVenster | Kultur lx | Opderschmelz | Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival


Sanne Rambags’ video diary

During the residency week in Tallinn, vocalist Sanne Rambags (NL) kept a video diary, which offers a unique peek into a unique project like the Criss Cross Europe Band. Here it is:

Halfway there and it’s been a blast already!

As you may have seen on our Facebook-page, the Criss Cross Europe musicians have been quite busy. They all gathered for a residency in Tallinn (Estonia), where they met their coach (Jim Black) and each other, and started working on a program that involved compositions by all members that steered them in many directions. The première and following concerts were a big success (they even made it to television in Luxemburg – see the broadcast and skip to 19:50 here), and it’s indredible that the first lap of the tour is already over.

Here are some live photos!

TALLINN ( see full set here)

© Teet Raik

© Teet Raik

© Teet Raik

© Teet Raik

© Eve Saar

© Teet Raik

© Teet Raik

© Teet Raik

© Teet Raik

© Teet Raik

A big thank you to all the venues and partners involved, and to the audiences for being there and showing their enthusiasm!

Here’s the complete Criss Cross Europe Band!

HERE THEY ARE! All our musicians have safely arrived in Tallinn and started working together. On Friday, they will share the results during the première at Kumu in Tallinn.

The Criss Cross Europe Band for 2021, from L to R: Michel Meis (d), Aleksander Paal (sax), Nabou Claerhout (tb), Chris Guilfoyle (g), David Bowden (b), Jim Black (coach, d) & Sanne Rambags (v)!

First series of concerts:

* 15.10 Kumu – Tallinn (EST)
* 20.10 Opderschmelz – Dudelange (LUX)
* 21.10 TivoliVredenburg – Utrecht (NL)
* 22.10 Lantarenvenster – Rotterdam (NL)
* 23.10 Paradox – Tilburg (NL)

Photo: Rene Jakobson

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