Improvised Music Company (IMC) is an Arts Council funded resource for Irish musicians and a specialist music promoter for jazz and ethnic music in Ireland. We produce 4 festivals annually as well as intimate and large scale concerts of Irish and international jazz, experimental and world music artists.

Our History
Improvised Music Company (IMC) was founded by Irish jazz musicians and supporters in 1991. Today, we’re Ireland’s largest specialist music producer, with hands-on involvement in many aspects of music making throughout the island, from festival programming, concert promotion, touring, education and audience development.

Read an article about IMC in the Irish Times on the occasion of our 25th anniversary.

Listen to Irish Jazz PLAYLIST

Some of our high-profile festivals presenting jazz and world music include;

  • ESB Dublin Jazz Festival : 1999-2003
  • Farmleigh Affair : 2005-2009
  • 12 Points festival: 2007 – present
  • Down With Jazz festival : 2012 – 2017
  • Hotter Than July : 2014 – present
  • SPECTRUM festival 2017-present
  • BAN BAM 2017-present

Equality Policy

IMC is an equal opportunities promoter and resource for jazz music in Ireland. We believe in the long-term development of a jazz scene which reflects our society, and we strive to achieve equality across our programming and developmental activity, particularly with regard to gender and geographic diversity.