Criss Cross Europe Band 2015 / photo: Leon De Backer

CrissCrossEurope is the continuation of JazzPlaysEurope project.

This project involved 6 partners :

  • JazzLab Series / De Bijloke, Gent – Belgium
  • Jazzus Productions, Reims – France
  • Music: LX, Luxembourg City – Luxembourg
  • JazzDanmark – Denmark
  • Estonian Jazz Union – Estonia
  • The Academy of Music and Performing / concertclub Paradox – The Netherlands.

The idea is to create a network of jazz structures from several European countries (Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Slovakia, The Netherlands, Estland, Denmark), to encourage meetings between young musicians.

Each structure identifies a young musician and submits other partners. The musicians come together to work together for several days, coached by a band leader: each musician brings compositions, exchange, and creates a directory.

Then each partner receives one or more concerts of this group within the festival and its regular programming.

A unique opportunity for these young musicians share a unique experience!