Author: Kirke Karja

Criss Cross Europe 2020 with Jim Black!

This year the Criss Cross partners Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival (Scotland), Improvised Music Company (Ireland), Paradox & AMPA (The Netherlands), Music LX (Luxemburg), Estonia Jazz Union (Estonia) and JazzLab (Belgium) are thrilled to announce that no one less than Jim Black will be the Criss Cross Europe coach 2020, and he has selected these amazing musicians for his band:

Ananta Roosens, violin and trumpet (BE)

Sanne Rambags, vocals (NL)

Chris Guilfoyle, guitar (IRL)

Michel Meis, drums (LUX)

Aleksander Paal, alto sax (EST)

David Bowden, bass (SC)

In October the musicians rehearse in Tallinn (Estonia) from 4 to 8 October 2020. The premiere concert at the end of their residency kicks off the tour, with the following tour dates: 

Estonia: Thursday 8 Oct 2020

Ireland: Thursday 3 Dec 2020

Scotland: Friday 4 Dec 2020

Belgium (Bijloke): Tuesday 8 Dec 2020 

Luxemburg (Dudelange): Wednesday 9 Dec 2020 

Netherlands (Tivoli): Thursday 10 Dec 2020 

Netherlands (Paradox): Friday 11 Dec 2020

Netherlands (Lantarenventer / TBC): Saturday 12 Dec 2020

Keep your eyes peeled for our next posts, where we will introduce all the musicians to you.

Photo credit: Schindelbeck

This was Criss Cross Europe 2019!

Now that the new year has started, we briefly look back to last year. Here is a lovely video from Criss Cross Europe 2019: a tune called Cyan, written by Dutch guitarist Yuri Rhodenborgh, who was one of the band members in 2019. The group was led by Serbian pianist Bojan Z, with a residency in Reims (France) and a tour through France, Luxembourg, Estonia, Belgium and the Netherlands in February 2019.  All band members composed some tunes especially for this band because of its very particular instrumentation. 

In the summer of 2019 they played concerts at Luxembourg Jazz Rallye and Jazz Middelheim and since this band is continuing to work together, it was names “Ara Sextet”, as an anagram of “extra seat” because they had lots of fun due to issues at airports. 

Bel – Anneleen Boehme (double bass)

NL – Yuri Rhodenborgh (guitar)

Lux – Pol Belardi (vibraphone, synth)

FR – Mathieu Penot (drums)

Est – Kirke Karja (piano)

FR/Srb – Bojan Z (rhodes, synth)


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