Now that the new year has started, we briefly look back to last year. Here is a lovely video from Criss Cross Europe 2019: a tune called Cyan, written by Dutch guitarist Yuri Rhodenborgh, who was one of the band members in 2019. The group was led by Serbian pianist Bojan Z, with a residency in Reims (France) and a tour through France, Luxembourg, Estonia, Belgium and the Netherlands in February 2019.  All band members composed some tunes especially for this band because of its very particular instrumentation. 

In the summer of 2019 they played concerts at Luxembourg Jazz Rallye and Jazz Middelheim and since this band is continuing to work together, it was names “Ara Sextet”, as an anagram of “extra seat” because they had lots of fun due to issues at airports. 

Bel – Anneleen Boehme (double bass)

NL – Yuri Rhodenborgh (guitar)

Lux – Pol Belardi (vibraphone, synth)

FR – Mathieu Penot (drums)

Est – Kirke Karja (piano)

FR/Srb – Bojan Z (rhodes, synth)