After the premiere in De Bijloke in Ghent on the 22th of February the CrissCrossEurope band started the European tour. The project CrissCrossEurope introduces top musicians from the young jazz scenes to each other and to the audience, this year led by none other than percussionist Marliyn Mazur. The musicians from various countries rehearse for a week in absolute artistic freedom and with this ad hoc band they tour along the best jazz venues in Europe. With this short compilation we look back at a great CrissCrossEurope tour!

Bel – Sarah Klenes (stem)
NL – Koen Smits (trompet)
Lux – Niels Engel (drums)
DK – Søren Gemmer (piano, synth)
FR – Léon Phal (sax)
Est – Peedu Kass (bass)