Ananta Roosens is a violinist, trumpet player and composer who currently lives in Brussels. The past decade, she has been involved in a wide variety of contexts, ranging from Argentinean and African music to Mógil (Icelandic-Belgian band, with a.o. Joachim Badenhorst & Hilmar Jensson). She has written music for theater and dance performances, gave workshops on the relation between dance and music, but the last years her focus has been mainly on improvised music and she has been involved in several bands straddling the border between jazz, pop and improvised music, with musicians and bands such as Benjamin Sauzereau, Fnussjen, Oba Loba (w/ Giovanni Di Domenico and Norberto Lobo) and Lynn Cassiers’ Imaginary Band (release on Clean Feed) and many others. She was invited for a free improvisation concert on the Berlin Jazzfest in november 2018. Her latest project ‘Ceci n’est pas un violon’ is a solo project where she explores and searches for new sounds on her violins with the use of different objects.