Trumpet player Koen Smits (1991) started his bachelor Classical Music in 2012 and switched to Jazz in the year after that. He started his search for his own musical identity and preferences in 2015. To establish this, the Koen Smits Quartet was brought to life with whom he played at the Harmos Plural Festival in Porto, Portugal.
In search for his own sound, Koen came across singer Sanne rambags and pianist Sjoerd van Eijck which resulted in the founding of Mudita, a trio with compositions inspired by improvisation, silence and intimacy.

In 2015, Koen was the founder and member of jazz quartet the Leon Jazz Society for which he arranged monthly concerts with guest musicians such as Maarten Hogenhuis, Benjamin Herman and Reinier Baas. Later that year, Koen was selected to play for the Metropole Academy, played a number of international concerts and played at famous Dutch jazz festivals such as Jazz in Duketown and North Sea Jazz.

He was nominated for the Jaques de Leeuw-prize in 2015, the Conservatorium Talent Award in 2016 and the JazzBoZ Talent Award in 2017. Koen had been selected for the Metropole Academy and het Nationaal Jeugd Jazz Orkest, winner of the Zilveren Notenkraker prize in 2016. With the NJJO he played at Bimhuis, Paradiso, tv-show De Wereld Draait Door and at the North Sea Jazz Festival.